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6th November 2013

Work in Progress Seminar

Murray Brown, Murdoch: ‘Help – the Boss is on Facebook’

20th November 2013

Work in Progress Seminar 

Nick McBride, Cambridge: ‘Tort Law and Criminal Law in an Age of Austerity’

Professor Graham Virgo, Cambridge: ‘Justifying Necessity as a Defence in Tort Law’

4th December 2013

Work in Progress Seminar

Dr Stelios Tofaris, Cambridge: ‘Trusts Law Goes East: England to India and Beyond’

Amy Goymour, Cambridge: ‘“Bruton” Tenancies: Relativity of Title and the Regulation of the Proprietary Underworld”

15th January 2014

Guest Speaker

Professor Matthew Conaglen, Sydney: ‘Fiduciary Duties and Voluntary Undertakings’

29th January 2014

Guest Speaker

Dr James Goudkamp, Oxford: ‘Tort Law Defences’

26th February 2014

Work in Progress Seminar

Andreas Televantos, Cambridge: ‘Clayton’s Case in Context’

Dr David Fox, Cambridge: ‘Banks v Whetson (1596): the Identification of Money in Early Modern Common Law’

12th March 2014

Work in Progress Seminar

Dr Matthew Dyson, Cambridge: ‘Common Law Patterns of Development Compared’

Nick McBride, Cambridge: ‘Private Law at the Crossroads: is There a Right Way Forward?’

14th May 2014

Work in Progress Seminar

Rachel Leow, Cambridge: ‘Defences and the Scope of Liability in Unjust Enrichment’

Professor Peter Watts, Auckland: ‘Contracts Made by Agents on Behalf of Principals with Latent Mental Incapacity – the Common Law Position’

21st May 2014

Work in Progress Seminar

Professor Sarah Worthington, Cambridge: ‘Is Personal Autonomy Fundamental to Private Law?’

Professor Graham Virgo, Cambridge: ‘Whose Conscience? Unconscionability in the Common Law of Obligations’